U.G.'s Pride

U.G.'s pride, which none of us ever took seriously: "I'm the most selfish man; I shouted it from the rooftops that I've achieved what no one ever did before." Yet, we all saw how he denied himself over and over again just for us.  And he inflicted his denial on us too.  Rather than waste the horrible oatmeal someone brought from Germany we all had to sample the "delicious" concoction he made with it using curry powder.  Pushing us to every extreme.  Driving him back ten hours from Italy with terrible cramps in my stomach the last hundred kilometers, arriving in Gstaad at 10:00 p.m., he screamed at me, "Where's my dinner!" We rushed into the kitchen to cook; everyone sitting in utter silence till he was fed and we all were released for the night from his terrible grip.